The Chinese say, “the faintest ink is better than the best memory.”

As every financial services business knows, file notes are everything. They provide the information that proves you know your client, forms the basis for recommendations, and documents phone calls and changes to policies and in client situation. It is proof to compliance managers and other governing bodies that you know and manage your client meetings effectively.

It’s fair to say that those who like to spend their time with clients may not always enjoy the admin tasks, like keeping good file notes. Thankfully technology has provided a few solutions to getting your file notes into your CRM.

The most interesting are voice apps and there are three distinct choices on the market. The first is where your phone becomes a recorder and you describe the meeting in as much detail as possible. It then needs transcription.

The second is the original voice software, Dragon. You work with the program to train it to recognise your voice and it will then “type” whatever you have recorded into your computer. You need patience to train the software and a clear speaking voice is helpful.

SalesVa is particularly interesting as it’s a cross between Dragon a voice recorder and a personal assistant. The file note is sent to a real person to transcribe. They work within your CRM and take all the umms and ahhs out of your voice recording. They set follow ups and place reminders in your diary for calls, letters, and other actions.

There are so many technology-based solutions available out there to help us all work better and smarter, this is just scratching the surface. No matter what you choose, spending time in front of your clients instead of behind a computer with administration is a win.

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