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Business Consulting by Paperwork Magic

What it means to us

Business consulting support is not just about reviewing business processes to make things run more effectively and efficiently, it’s about freeing you up to spend more time meeting with your existing and new clients, to help them with their advice needs. It can also be about giving your more time to spend with your family out of the office. At Paperwork Magic we take the time to listen to your story, understand your goals and then consult with you about the solutions. We then apply best practice principles to your own unique situation.


At Paperwork Magic, we offer the following Business consulting services:

  • Streamlining back office processes
  • Practice review and improvement 
  • Threads, template writing and other CRM specialist services at all levels
  • CRM Comparisons


Who can we help?

At Paperwork Magic, we work with:

  • Small boutique financial planning businesses
  • Mixed financial planning and accounting businesses
  • Dealer Groups and Licensees, to provide a Client Administration solution to their network


What makes us a great Business Consulting Partner for your business?

At Paperwork Magic, we:

  • Are sector experts within the financial advice space; when you focus on one area you become very good at understanding the challenges and solving them.
  • Hold deep functional expertise across paraplanning, client administration and compliance and have a willingness to partner and give objective advice.
  • Support advisers to improve and create a new future, to realise their business strategy and professional goals.
  • Leverage our relationships with other complimentary Australian businesses, where appropriate, to provide a great suite of services at a fair price.


How can you get started?

We offer the following process that describes how we will set up a new partnership with you.

  1. In an initial phone call, zoom meeting or face to face meeting, we’ll discuss your business challenges and opportunities. We help define your consulting needs and identify how we can help.
  2. Once we understand what you’re looking for in a partner, we will put together a proposal and terms for you and deliver it for your review.
  3. If you’re happy with the proposal including terms, or require additional clarification or discussion, we’ll sort those issues with the goal of reaching an agreement. 
  4. We’ll provide you with an agreement to sign.
  5. We’ll commence our engagement, working to achieve the goals and outcomes identified. 
  6. To maintain and review the partnership, you will also receive a weekly phone call and email update. 

This is how we ensure we’re meeting your needs and requirements. Of course, we will be in touch more often with questions if we have them. 


Would you like to put our Business Consulting services to work for your advice business?

Do the business consulting services we provide and the partnership approach we take make sense to your business? If so we’re here to help you.

Call us on 0422 452 337 or complete our Request Form and ask for an appointment.

We look forward to speaking with you to learn about your business and how we can assist.

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