Here is what some of our clients are saying about our service

‘Will someone care about my business and work as much as I do?’

At Paperwork Magic, the answer is ‘Yes’. 

The happiness of our clients is one of the keys measures of our success. If there’s a challenge or problem that needs to be solved, we commit to working in partnership with you to solve it – that’s the reason why Paperwork Magic Clients keep using our services. 

Here’s what some of our happy clients have said about us. If you’re looking for paraplanning or more, we invite you to complete our Request Form or call us on 0422 452 337.

Clare Sanderson, Chief Operating Officer, Varria

Varria has been working with Paperwork Magic for just under a year. Like many within the financial planning industry, it has been an exceptional time of change.

When we first engaged with Paperwork Magic we were 4 months behind on paraplanning due to multiple acquisitions and the increased licensee compliance and vetting regime. Paperwork Magic have allowed us to completely restructure our internal paraplanning team resulting in new roles and active engagement within the team. We are now able to service our client’s in the manner we wanted, with very short turnaround times and quality plans.

We have worked with Allison Hays and the Paperwork Magic team to systemise the outsourcing of all paraplanning requirements. This has included the way in which we request the plans, file noting, plan approval process, queries between paraplanner and adviser, templating and formatting so that the document meets the high standard we required for our clients. We can now give back to our clients with more active face to face meetings ensuring we meet their financial needs.

I would highly recommend Allison and the Paperwork Magic team.

Paul Coleman, Head of Operations and PlanningFinancial Advice Matters

Engaging with an outsourced Paraplanning service provider required a commitment from both parties to make the relationship worthwhile.  You need to see each other as a business partner and stakeholder in each other’s success.  Allison and her team at PWM took the time to understand our unique business needs and to work with us in developing a strong and mutually beneficial service offering that enables us to outsource a large portion of our advice document preparation.  This enables us to grow our business and service more clients without the need to put on more staff.  Working with PWM, we are able to manage the ebbs and flows of our business activity while still ensuring quality advice documents are prepared within a consistent timeframe. The team is always willing to take feedback and looking for ways to improve to best align with our needs and the changes occurring in the advice industry.

Christy Clements, DirectorBetter Path Financial Planning

Thank you so much for coming down and helping me out. The Whiteboard is working wonders. I particularly like the business timeline as it really gives me an indication of how long everything actually takes to happen and the business to be finalized and me to be paid.  It is such a good idea to lay it all out on a whiteboard so I can clearly see what I have and what is in the funnel. The spreadsheet will be also very useful and assist me to stay on top of things.

Sandra Malhotra, Practice Manager, Maple Tree Wealth

Letting go has always been a weakness of mine, for a number of reasons.  The biggest being ‘will someone else care about my business and my work as much as I do’.  Thankfully for Paperwork Magic I can finally let go.  Affiliate and administration is not income generating work, it is however labour intensive.  Utilising the expertise that Paperwork Magic offers has allowed our business to focus on the work that really matters, our customer relationships and business growth.  Thank you Allison for hand picking a skilled and knowledgeable team who thankfully don’t need their hand held, so they are able to hold mine.

Paul Kennedy, Principal, PGV Consulting

Jen helped me with my database (5000+ contacts in a cumbersome Excel spreadsheet!), putting in filters which really improved my efficiency & productivity in moving to a professional CRM system. A fantastic service by friendly people who listened to my needs – thank you!

Clive Johnson OAM, military researcher and author of the most comprehensive reference of honours, decorations, awards, medals and official forms of recognition to Australians.

Having to admit that I struggle with the multitude of digital marketing tools only exacerbated the need for me to increase my digital footprint. A well-positioned executive, who I was contracting to, advised me that Paperwork Magic had the tools and capabilities to assist in increasing this image.

Despite being sceptical, I did need to at least make an effort to discover what was involved in moving forward. I found the CEO Allison Hays most amenable and easy to talk to. She recommended I liaise with one of her specialists and I was introduced to Jen Homewood. Needless to say, I was astounded by the efficiency, professionalism and advice. It took a few days to sort out but I now have collaborative synchronicity between my web page, my LinkedIn accounts and my Facebook media.

A complete revamp and follow up assistance now allows me to drive the digital marketing to my schedule. I cannot recommend Paperwork Magic highly enough and I am now considering using them for other aspects of my business.

Denise Gibbons, Operations Director, Integrity Wealth

Our firm has been outsourcing some of our administrative functions to Paper Work Magic since May 2014. The work is done efficiently and reliably. The communication is effective and they are proactive with ideas for identifying issues and improving processes. The team are efficient, smart and “no-nonsense”. This really assists us with ensuring our clients are looked after efficiently and effectively. Thanks heaps Allison and your team.


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