It’s a working day, and for some reason you can’t connect. As the minutes pass you can feel the anxiety levels creeping up, because there’s emails to send and things to be done.  It’s not the end of the world, it’s just a little reminder to think laterally when the internet unexpectedly goes down. Here six things you can do to manage the stress levels in the office;

  • Work on files that have already been downloaded 

It’s easy to forget that once a file attached to an email is in the inbox, it has been downloaded to your computer. If you would normally spend time reading and commenting on these or making other alterations then the downtime can still be used to complete work.

  • Clean out your Inbox

If you have thousands of emails in the inbox, tidy up the mess. Delete spam and mark them as junk, file emails from clients into their folders, keeping the last one in a series of conversations means you can delete the earlier ones and still retain all the exchanges. Update any new contacts and if it helps, put them into categories – friends, team, etc.. Back up important files to an external hard drive and you will be ready for the build up when it comes through.

  • Pick up the phone

When you do need to connect with clients, try picking up the phone and giving them a ring. Most clients are delighted to hear a friendly voice on the other end of the line, it provides an opportunity to explain what’s happening if they ask about something that was sent and reaching out sends a positive message that you are proactive.

  • Run some errands

Some errands can only be accomplished during business hours and if a few have been waiting to be done, give yourself permission to leave the office or get on the phone and take care of them. No matter if it’s to book a handyman to clean the gutters, pick up the dry cleaning or fill a script, buy a bouquet or bank a cheque; it’s ok to make a list and use the time to accomplish these.

  • Take a walk, get some exercise

If you are used to daily exercise, consider changing up the time or type. A walk is a good way to relieve some of the pressure of sitting around the office with little to do, it can help enhance your sense of wellbeing and elevate your mood.

  • Catch up with others

Going out for a coffee, networking with colleagues and catching up with family and friends is part of life. Give yourself permission to go watch the kids swimming carnival, surprise your Mum with a call or give a few moments over to yourself. Instead of waiting for the work to come through, use the time and catch up when it does.

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