A client has come in with a single need- maybe it’s income protection, you write it, wrap up the business and 12 months on, they renew and you review.

It’s a perfect opportunity to do a few really important actions.

  1. Cementing the relationship with the client.
  2. Ask them what they spend time doing and spend their money on.
  3. Listen to what they say when you ask them how you can help them
  4. Find out what’s changed by using some structured questions;
    1. New employer?
    2. New child?
    3. New husband?
    4. Promotion?
    5. New investment property?

Showing a genuine concern for your clients and helping them to achieve their lifestyle goals builds trust in you and your reputation.

An extension of your authentic concern is when you reach out to your clients. You may think that connecting with your clients once a year is enough, but have you asked your clients how often they want to hear from you? The truth may be your clients want to hear from you more regularly than that.

A recent survey conducted with 24,000 people across 30 OECD countries has delivered a strong message that clients expect to have contact and communication, especially in regards to general insurance, more than once a year.

Your clients expect you to reach out and connect to them. It’s an ideal opportunity to remind them how you can help and stay top-of-mind and add value.

The topics can be educational, recreational or simply a happy holidays card that gives the office hours or emergency contact numbers for the summer break. Some good information on the latest security tech, how to value items to be correctly insured or who to contact for claims are all good general knowledge topics that are helpful in educating clients.

Write to your clients about the people you do business with for other services. A referral to a good accountant, a mortgage broker, a solicitor that understands the value of a well written will or a case study of a client are all relevant. I have one contact that sends me a recipe for fruitcake every year at the end of November, along with a reminder about storm season. It’s not what you usually expect and I once asked how well it works. The answer is, surprisingly well, because it matches up with their client base.

If you know what excites your clients, go with it. I like to share a new app, like Keep for list makers, Geocaching for families with kids or your favourite recommendation for investments or super – they all have apps. Check out Hub24 and NetWealth. Explain how they can view their funds in real time and watch how this simple action gets their engagement grow.