How cool is it when you can get an autograph from a celebrity? Or an author, or a sports star signing a camera lens – you can really feel a connection to them.  In all cases, these signatures are what they have created for their public persona, if you were ever to do business with them, they would sign the paperwork very differently. They have been taught to guard their private lives, bank accounts and identities. It’s something we should all think about, not just celebrities. With identity theft and cyber crime, an authentic signature opens up doors for criminals.

There are ways to safeguard your signature and protect your identity. Before you sign anything, ask yourself if it’s a legal document. Is it a driver’s license or a contract or are you witnessing someone else’s signature? In these cases, you need to sign with your authentic signature.

If it’s a letter to a client, a signature you add to a mail out for public consumption, or internal company reports, it’s well worth considering writing your name differently.

Consider how you can change your signature. For instance, if your first name starts with an A, there are 3 or 4 ways to sign an A and embellish it. It can be rounded, pointed, or looped at the top. There can be a leader and it may continue into the remaining letters or be separate.

Once you’ve chosen something different, practice it until it feels comfortable. It should look like it’s your everyday signature.

It’s a little bit of insurance against fraud to keep your real signature as private as possible. A little digging can reveal a lot about your life, with personal photos and details freely available on the Internet.  Making it hard to collect your signature is a great start.

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