From Managing Director of Paperwork Magic, Allison Hays:

I want to be…

An astronaut. A nurse. A receptionist. As a kid, did you ever think, I want to be an entrepreneur, financial planner or an accountant? I certainly didn’t because they weren’t starring in a TV show or talking about their jobs to a classroom.

Then I became a financial planner, with office managers to assist with the daily administration tasks. These assistants have mostly gone by the wayside while we grapple with organising our own administration work on the aptly named PC- Personal Computer. Which is OK, if you’re a control freak.

You trained to be a professional, with specific knowledge and skills. You make a living when you are in front of clients, explaining a course of action and implementing solutions.

Instead of staying late in the office every night trying to get on top of the paperwork, a little help can go a long way towards emptying your in-tray.