Do you have a Love/Hate relationship with your Home Office? Your working environment can affect your mood and productivity.

Working from a home office takes discipline, with so many opportunities to be distracted in your own hacienda. There’s cleaning, surfing the net, the weekend project, watering the plants, organising dinner, the list is endless.

Or, do you treat the home office like it’s a commercial office, where you walk into it every morning at 8am, have a break for lunch then left the desk at 5pm.

Whether you love working in your own zone, or you find working around people gets you revved up, depends on your personality,

Introverts like to work on tasks without distractions, they want a quiet space where they can sit and apply themselves to what needs to be done. An introvert is happiest to be left alone or work with a small number of people in a known environment.

Extroverts feed off the energy of others, they like having other people in their working environment. It actually helps them focus better on the task at hand. They are happiest chatting to clients, bouncing ideas off others and enjoy meeting new people.

Being an extrovert working from home, or in an office on your own is a challenge. The answer is having other people around and if you work alone, have you heard about coworking? It’s where you share a workspace with other people. Unlike a normal office, those coworking are usually employed by different organisations, or self-employed start ups.

There are coworking spaces springing up everywhere, in all capital and many regional cities. They cost a lot less than a traditional office and a quick search turned up over 10 options in the CBD. It’s like outsourcing, you only pay for what you use and there are different options available. It’s space where you can be around other people, interact and network with a business community and get your mojo happening.