If you have ever wished to have more hands, more hours in the day or feel you need to do every task yourself then it’s worth looking at letting go of the things that are consuming your time and handing them over to someone else to do.

Acknowledging where your strengths lie and accepting that you cannot do it all is a sign of strength. We all need others to help us – when we get training, read statistics, buy a takeaway coffee – someone else prepared these items for

our consumption. You trusted them to get it right, you delegated these tasks. Take the next step and look at where you shine and what you leave as the last task. If it’s something that can be given over, delegate it. Within an office environment, things like data input, redesigning the website, answering phones, word processing, invoicing, marketing, cleaning the office, whatever it is that is left for tomorrow or later should come under scrutiny.

To get some help, with office work, start by making a process to hand over the task, so when it’s handed back it’s complete. As an example, let’s say emails are sent to clients after they commit to seeing you, but it has been a bit hit and miss. Be specific about what needs to be done, cover off on what, how, when, where and why to your helper.

What is to be done? Confirm client appointments with a diary date saver
How is it done? By email and if there’s no response, follow up with a phone call
When are they sent? The same day the appointment is made with a reminder 48 hours before the actual appointment
Where is it done? Within or from the CRM
Why do it? Legislation, builds trust, tracks client contacts, minimises no-shows

Learn to let go and trust that the person, company or process is working in your best interests to make your life easier. Once the task is set, monitor it regularly but don’t overdo it. Being a helicopter manager is counterproductive, it consumes time, energy and costs real dollars.

Delegating increases productivity, but don’t get frustrated if it takes a little preparation. Keep your eye on the prize of efficiency and improving the bottom line.