How well do you know the clients on your database, especially the grandfathered ones? It’s vital, a “Get out of Jail Free” card.

With the Royal Commission(RC) washing our laundry in public, the holes in our processes and our databases are being shown to the world. It’s an ugly truth to consider that some of the clients that pay us are unknown. if they walked in the door, we would not know them well enough to greet them, using their name.

The RC is interested in record keeping, it’s time to mend the holes in the data and find those lost clients and make contact. The best way to do this is to collect the basic, essential details that allow you to keep in touch with the clients in your care.

We can help you when you’re ready to tidy up the data, or, if you want to do it yourself, focus on most important items which are; full name, date of birth, address both postal and digital, phone number, and the start date of the policy or investment.

Attention to details like correct spelling across all the fields, can be the difference between a happy and unhappy client. Data Integrity is as vital as remembering your Mum’s birthday, especially if she’s one of your clients.

How do you feel when a letter comes in the mail, or via email, and your name is spelt with extra or missing letters? Most people feel disillusioned, “they don’t know me at all” and the email or letter may be discarded, unopened. Strive for best practice with the name and address letter perfect. It conveys the message, “I really know you”.

Clean records make it easier to reach out to clients that have not been contacted in a while. There are options for starting a conversation around performance, cover, significant events and changes in the client’s situation.

Once the data is clean, then it’s about grouping clients together. You might choose age, to target a certain market like baby boomers. You could also choose interests, to know who to invite to a seminar on property investing or a corporate golf day.

Do what you do best, and let people like us help you so you can help your clients better.