Our Services

Support for Financial Planners

Paraplanning: Our team of experienced, senior paraplanners create everything from simple to complex SoAs and RoAs, meeting Bid Requirements. With a five day turnaround time on provision of complete information, we help you go beyond your licensee’s expectations. We work inside your CRM from your templates, file notes, strategy papers and other support material then follow instructions to personalise the advice. We are able to help with research, comparisons, everything up to and including the creation of the SoA.

Compliance: We help find lost clients the old fashioned way – by going in and scraping data to meet the FOFA requirements. We have experience in databases from 200 to 10,000 records. We also prepare FDS, opt-in and annual review letters. We gather client information the first week of week of the month, and have the letters ready for approval by the 15th. We prepare the letters for posting by your office or can email them directly to your clients on your behalf. We can also identify which clients require letters, especially on the purchase of a new book of business.

Policy and Procedure Manuals: Documenting your policies and procedures is critical to ensure compliance with legislation, as well as producing consistent and quality outcomes for your clients. We can come into your business, sit down with your key staff, and fully document what you do and how you do it.

Ongoing Support: What do you need? We are happy to have a discussion about your specific needs, and how we can meet them. For a confidential, obligation free chat, give us a call today.