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Linda Nicoll

Linda Nicoll, Client Service Manager

Linda Nicoll is a Client Services Manager at Paperwork Magic. Linda holds a Diploma of Financial Planning.

Linda has had over a decade of experience in client service. Her experience includes working with one of Australia’s favourite financial service brands, Suncorp Group, where she developed from a superannuation specialist to a financial planning associate. Linda joined Paperwork Magic in May 2021.

Linda’s strengths are in her financial administration, co-ordination and communication skill sets.

Linda is passionate about working at Paperwork Magic because she enjoys being a part of the advice journey from start to finish. Her greatest satisfaction is when a financial plan is all implemented and complete.

“I enjoy working to help Paperwork Magic clients and no two days are exactly the same,” said Linda. “All our clients have their own processes and different ways of working, but they are all working towards the same outcome – to help their customers build wealth by providing great advice. I feel lucky to be a part of the process.”

A typical day at Paperwork Magic for Linda is likely to start by checking emails and responding to quote requests from clients. Her day is then spent scheduling workflow for Paperwork Magic’s paraplanners and helping Paperwork Magic’s clients with their support needs. Client Service Support can include data entry, Wealthsolver & Risk Researcher comparisons, client financial plan implementation, fee disclosure statements and renewal notices.

When Linda isn’t helping Paperwork Magic’s clients you find her keeping up with her twin toddlers and family. We think anyone who can handle twins can handle any challenge a financial advice firm could have! Linda is also a foodie, enjoys acoustic music and as a Kiwi living in Australia, secretly supports the All Blacks.

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