“I love my pen, it helps me think”
“It’s easier to hand write notes when I’m in front of a client”
“I draw pictures to explain ideas and I need a pen to do that”

If these are your reasons for hanging on to your pen, chances are that you’re doing twice the work. If you’re taking notes by hand then entering them into a CRM instead of having someone else do the data entry, it’s going to be time consuming.

It can be a bottleneck – you have the notes, they need to be input to do the figures and create a plan, but it’s boring transcribing or doing data entry.

How about a smart pen? It takes all the words and scribbles and turns them into electronic notes, which can easily be sent to someone else to enter into your CRM.

There’s audio recording available on some of the pens, if you missed writing something down it’s a way to make sure you captured the complete conversation.

A good way to reduce the stress caused by lagging turnaround times is to get some help.

Get on the front foot, fix the problem now instead of later.

Vested Interest! I run a paraplanning outsource company.  We get urgent requests for SoA’s because it’s too long between meetings with clients.

Do what you do best, and let people like us help you so you can help your clients better.

>> What’s your bottleneck?