Case Studies

Paperwork Magic Case Studies

Do any of these case studies sound like you? If so, you may need some business support to achieve your long-term growth goals. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we can work with you to provide great solutions fast.

Data Management

Geoff* has a contact database of over 5000 people. When he first spoke to us, he was going through the database to identify which of his contacts were on LinkedIn, and which ones he had not connected with via LinkedIn, so he could send them invitations to join his network. He was also in the process of looking at purpose-built software to help manage his contact and client relationships.

Geoff had originally set up his database in Excel, adding more and more information to the file over time. The file had become quite large, which made finding exactly what he was looking for a challenge. Geoff uses LinkedIn extensively to connect with his clients and business interests, so identifying missing connections was an important part of managing his data. He had started to cross reference his spreadsheet with LinkedIn and had spent 3 hours to complete 100 entries. It was going to take many, many hours for Geoff to finish this himself and he asked what we could do, and how long we thought it would take.  Our database specialist consulted with Geoff, looked at the scope of the project and offered a quote.  With a go-ahead, we started by getting an extract from LinkedIn to cross-reference against the spreadsheet. LinkedIn doesn’t advertise this feature, but it is possible to get a list of all first-level connections in a variety of file formats. This proved to be useful in cutting down the amount of time needed to cross-reference those contacts Geoff had connected to, and those he hadn’t.

By taking advantage of some of Excel’s own functionality, we were able to quickly identify which of those contacts Geoff was not yet connected to, giving him a simplified view he could work with more easily. We then began to populate Geoff’s spreadsheet with relevant data both from the extract and his contacts’ own LinkedIn profiles.

Once the spreadsheet had been updated, we sat down with Geoff in person. We had lots of phone contact to provide one-on-one help and advice to make sure he was getting the most out of the tools in Excel. We also showed Geoff how to organise his data to make it easier to convert to a specialised CRM product he was considering.

Now, Geoff’s spreadsheet is more complete and accurate, capturing the information he needs to conduct business with his clients. He now has the knowledge and ability to manipulate and sort his data. He can find what is relevant to his project requirements, saving him time and effort in sifting through thousands of entries to find the right information.


Planning support

Martin* had left a firm to start his own financial planning practice. He was used to having administration staff to complete background work and he wanted support for his back office functions, so he could concentrate on being in front of his clients.

We initially met with Martin to discuss his exit date. During the interview, he mentioned that his greatest concern was follow up, that he had encountered admin staff that would make phone calls and not follow through to ensure business was placed, medicals and doctors reports were received and rollovers completed. His second concern was compliance. Martin provides a complete range of services, working with an accountant to provide SMSF advice and a mortgage broker for property investing.

Martin needed help in a few areas;

  1. To move his clients from one licensee to another
  2. To communicate this move to his clients
  3. To support his practice with administration
  4. Paraplanning

1. We helped Martin migrate his clients out of one licensee and into his own database, under his new licensee/provider. With the client listings, we moved his clients, then placed the Coin extract into Xplan.

2. Letters were drafted to Martin’s clients, detailing the changes occurring and prompting them to have a review.  We provided a mail merge to print out the letters then Martin’s wife sent them out.

3. Working with Martin, we developed a process to meet both his administration needs and compliance requirements that suited his business model. We follow up all his third party authorities, prepare schedules for client reviews, download pds’ and provide investment breakdowns and insurance quotes. All the information is placed into Xplan, so his compliance manager happy – he has fewer checks, which makes him happy.

4. Martin had been completing RoA’s himself, rebalancing investments for clients. He wrote about 2 a week, each one taking about 4-5 hours to finish.  Martin trusts us to produce these to a high level of detail, he reclaimed 10 hours every week to see clients and write new business.

With ongoing support on a monthly basis, Martin is confident all business has been placed when he meets with clients.

Delegating administration and his RoA’s creates more time for him to spend with his family and on growing his business.

Paperwork Magic added value to Martin’s practice, assisting his business growth; saved time on compliance checks; gave a faster turnaround time on plans.

Supported by Paperwork Magic, Martin is able to focus on the tasks that only he can perform, growing his revenue, without having to worry about all the odds and ends.

Through delegating, Martin’s business has grown to a point where he is ready to add an employee.

With additional time, Martin was also able to look at his business. He decided to cement his brand into the minds of his loyal clients with a little newsletter every month. Martin writes the content and has us handle the mailout, prettying it up with pictures and his logo.

Accountant Support

Peter* is an accountant who runs a small firm of 7 staff. They handle around 200 companies and occasionally have issues with overflow.

When we first spoke to Peter, his concern was that some of the administration tasks kept dropping off the radar, causing the firm to look unprofessional and disorganized to their clients. Listening to Peter, we asked for and were granted permission to talk to the staff and hear what they thought.

As perspectives are different depending on where you sit in an organization, we found that the reasons for some of the inefficiencies had to do with the overflows in work that occurred. Peter had referral business coming into the firm and this put pressure on the existing resources. Since the incoming work was taking precedence over some of the more mundane tasks as staff worked more and more hours to cope with the extra burden.

Peter could see the extra clients as a way to grow the business and didn’t realize his staff were working at home and after hours to cope with the influx. Because some of the clients required more work to set up than maintain Peter was reluctant to put on additional staff.

Paperwork Magic assisted with a plan to handle the weekly administration tasks and restore the timely mail outs to companies and individuals registered with Peter’s firm. There was also a need for 5 hours a week of accounting to relieve the pressure from staff working long hours. Paperwork Magic staff have experience in both MYOB and Xero as well as CAS and advanced Excel. Peter and his firm are happier and although they still work a little overtime on occasion, it’s manageable and the mood in the office has improved.