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Allison Hays, Founder and Director

Allison Hays is the Founder and Managing Director of Paperwork Magic. Allison holds a Diploma of Financial Planning and is a member of the Association of Financial Advisers. She’s also completed a Bachelor of Arts in English, from Boston University.

Allison has worked for some of Australia’s leading financial services brands prior to founding Paperwork Magic in 2012. She held management roles with REST Superannuation and prior to that, was a Financial Adviser with the Suncorp Group. Having been an Adviser, Allison genuinely understands the needs of her clients and is technically strong when it comes to the delivery of advice.

Allison’s strengths include problem solving, managing people and superior process management skills. She’s also one of the most authentic business owners and leaders you’re ever likely to meet.

Allison is passionate about working at Paperwork Magic because with her team, she can help advisers not only deliver great advice but also improve their administration practices and efficiency.

“Understanding the challenges that clients are facing and working with my team to solve them is the most rewarding part of my role,” said Allison. “It gives me great satisfaction to support clients as well as my employees deliver great advice outcomes. In a profession with many pressures, I am very mindful that we all need to more actively think about how we manage our work/life balance. I also enjoy matching new business clients with my paraplanning team members. It’s important  to not only consider the skill set required, but I also make sure the personalities and culture will be a good fit, to help ensure a good working relationship. It’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page.”

A typical day at Paperwork Magic for Allison is likely to include managing new business requests, overseeing work progress and keeping in touch with the team. Like all business owners, Allison also spends time looking more strategically at where the business is going when she has the opportunity to.

When Allison isn’t helping Paperwork Magic’s clients, you will probably find her solving puzzles, playing bridge, travelling or catching up with friends and family. Allison also enjoys concerts, art galleries and cheering on the Queensland Reds. She volunteers with the RSPCA and believes it’s important to give back to the community in which you live.

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