Accountant Support

Peter* is an accountant who runs a small firm of 7 staff. They handle around 200 companies and occasionally have issues with overflow.

When we first spoke to Peter, his concern was that some of the administration tasks kept dropping off the radar, causing the firm to look unprofessional and disorganized to their clients. Listening to Peter, we asked for and were granted permission to talk to the staff and hear what they thought.

As perspectives are different depending on where you sit in an organization, we found that the reasons for some of the inefficiencies had to do with the overflows in work that occurred. Peter had referral business coming into the firm and this put pressure on the existing resources. Since the incoming work was taking precedence over some of the more mundane tasks as staff worked more and more hours to cope with the extra burden.

Peter could see the extra clients as a way to grow the business and didn’t realize his staff were working at home and after hours to cope with the influx. Because some of the clients required more work to set up than maintain Peter was reluctant to put on additional staff.

Paperwork Magic assisted with a plan to handle the weekly administration tasks and restore the timely mail outs to companies and individuals registered with Peter’s firm. There was also a need for 5 hours a week of accounting to relieve the pressure from staff working long hours. Paperwork Magic staff have experience in both MYOB and Xero as well as CAS and advanced Excel. Peter and his firm are happier and although they still work a little overtime on occasion, it’s manageable and the mood in the office has improved.